Diverse natural beauty awaits you on the edge of the world.

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This is the tip of a continent, the very edge of the world, a country far removed from what you may have experienced before.

Chile is a long and thin country in South America, where diversity and natural beauty are central.

In Patagonia, we find great icy mountains, rugged and sharp, anticipating and expecting us to gaze at them in wonder. We find lagoons and ice fields, and go trekking on glaciers, the sound of ice crunching beneath our feet.

In the heart of the country, on otherwise arid…

How the differences between them will impact your trip.

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New Zealand is high on many people’s bucketlists — not only because it’s a wonderful country, but also because it’s such a difficult country to get to.

Wherever you are travelling from, New Zealand is on the edge of the world, a long way off. So, it’s easy for it to slip off. “Next year I’ll go there” — but then it’s just too far away, so many places are closer, and in the end there’s an easier trip to do.

It takes 24 hours to fly to New…

Walk with rhinos, canoe with hippos, go rafting…

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Aerial view of Victoria Falls in Africa.
Aerial view of Victoria Falls in Africa.

The thunder of Victoria Falls can be heard continuously from as far as 20 kilometres away.

It’s the sound that is so impressive, and that puts this waterfall above any other I’ve witnessed — maybe, above any other waterfall there is.

But it’s not only the sound. Imagine what it is like to look on a waterfall that is over a kilometre wide.

The falls are split into very distinct sections. …

How I set off on a life-changing trip.

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Map of Australia
Map of Australia

I often talk about destinations as if it were easy and comfortable to travel to offbeat places. Yet of course it’s not always like that.

So, in order to balance things out, I’ll share my first travel experience here.

When I left the UK, 14 years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I fancied myself as an intrepid traveller — I imagined that I was brave, strong, and creative enough to have that adventure.

But when the time came to leave, I was nervous and…

Discover a city where architecture is history.

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We are in Spain, in Spring, in the city of Salamanca.

It is an ancient city, carved from golden stone. Salamanca was founded by the Romans, but it’s not a city frozen in time — it’s one that has enjoyed continual wealth and grandeur.

Each European century had its fashionable design and these blurred together throughout Salamanca’s old city. Renaissance and Plateresque architecture contrast the Baroque grandeur of the Plaza Mayor. …

Enjoy peace and solitude on board a traditional sailboat.

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Halong Bay is in the northeast of Vietnam. It’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world — or so it was recently voted.

It’s around two and a half hours by road from Hanoi to the harbour where you can get on a boat and sail Halong Bay.

And those boats are called junks.

Not a very auspicious name. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I visited Halong Bay. What is a junk? Why would I want to go in a junk? I’m happy…

Enjoy 2,500 kilometres of little-visited Indian Ocean beaches.

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I’m sure you know of a few destinations in the Indian Ocean — the Maldives and the Seychelles, probably.

What about Mozambique?

Mozambique has 2,500 kilometres of unblemished, almost entirely undeveloped Indian Ocean coastline. And that’s on top of all the little islands that are spread all the way down the coast. Mozambique is the dream image many people hold in their minds — palm trees, white sand, the turquoise Indian Ocean.

So why isn’t it popular?

That can be told just by looking at the flag. Mozambique’s brutal…

Experience-based advice on when and where to go.

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I’d like to dispel some of the myths and stereotypes about the great wildebeest migration — and to tell you when to go and where to stay to witness this unique wildlife event.

I’m very fortunate in that I lived for a while in Moshi in Tanzania, which is a six-hour drive from the Serengeti — and I lived also in Kenya, in a place called Naivasha, which is about seven hours from the Maasai Mara.

And it’s in the Serengeti-Maasai Mara ecosystem that the great wildebeest migration takes…

Instead, here are thirty authentic ways for you to experience France.

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I always seem to remember France by smells.

A pâtisserie. A boulangerie. The scent of flowering fields. The smell of the cities when you get into areas where graffiti meets 19th-century ornate bliss. The briny whiff of the sea. Maybe the smell of a train’s interior, because France has great trains that can take you across country in little time.

France is a country that almost everybody has been to.

I’m exaggerating. Not almost everybody, but a lot of people—it‘s the world’s most visited country. …

Where the jungle meets the Caribbean.

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Tortuguero National Park is on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

In case you don’t speak Spanish, tortuga is the Spanish word for turtle — and tortuguero means dwelling of turtles.

Yes, this is Turtledwelling National Park.

Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica’s newer attractions. When tourism developed in that country, it developed mostly along the Pan-American Highway, at destinations in the heart of the country, and also at easily accessible destinations on the Pacific Coast.

The Caribbean Coast is definitely less developed, which means more opportunity to see…

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